Amazon for Tablets

Amazon for Tablets 5.51.3810

Browse, check prices, and more from your Android tablet

Amazon is an excellent shopping application where you can buy just about anything.

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  • Featured products and lists make browsing easy
  • Quick access to Amazon Lightning deals
  • Useful user reviews
  • Ability to purchase right from your phone
  • Access to your Amazon account


  • No video reviews
  • No user-submitted photos

Very good

Amazon is an excellent shopping application where you can buy just about anything.

Shop til you drop

If you love shopping on Amazon, then Amazon for Tablets a must-have application. It's the perfect tool for doing research or just browsing for products. The app is easy to use and allows you to access all of your Amazon information, including wishlists, purchase history, and recommendations.

The home page of the Amazon for Tablets is dedicated to your personalized recommendations and there's a special section for any deals going on at the moment. Amazon's Lightning Deals features new products every day so the Amazon Mobile app is handy to have around to check the deals every morning.

Amazon for Tablets is a great tool for research as it allows users to read all of the user-submitted reviews for products. Unfortunately video reviews aren't shown in the app. Amazon for Tablets also provides price comparison with third-party merchants, helping you to pick the best deal. You can also access Amazon's product images but you cannot you access user submitted photos, which is a real bummer.

Quick sale

When you've done all your research and are ready to purchase, you can do it right from the Amazon for Tablets app. If you have 1-click purchasing enabled, your orders will be completed instantly. Users can choose which credit card and address to ship to so you're not limited to only one preset.

The most handy feature in Amazon for Tablets is its great search. You can search by typing in keywords but you can also use the built-in barcode scanner, or the 'Flow' feature (where you simply take a photo of an item) to quickly search products. This is great if you're trying to compare prices on Amazon.

A slick shopping experience

Amazon for Tablets is a great shopping app that will help you research, compare prices, and manage your Amazon account. This is a must download for all Amazon users.

Amazon for Tablets


Amazon for Tablets 5.51.3810

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